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Monitor KAH8
Monitor KAH8

Technical Data

Monitor KAH8

Dimensions: 1RU, depth 100mm without connectors

Weight: 2 kg


2x stereo-input AL,AR,BL,BR at 4x XLR-3pin female

Voltage input AL,AR,BL,BR: +6dBu, max. +22dBu  > 2KOhm

1x control input DIM at Sub-D-9pin female with control DIM 12-70dB for dimming

Powervoltage: XLR-3pin male, 9VAC 0,3A or 12-15VDC 0,2A

Powercurrent: 0,3A, 0,315AT microfuse on PCB

Powerconsumption: 3W max.


2x stereo-output 1L,1R,2L,2R at 4x XLR-3pin male

Output Voltage: output 1L,1R,2L,2R +6dBu, max. +22dBu  < 2 KOhm

Frequency response: output 1L,1R,2L,2R 10Hz-20KHz +-0,5dB

Noise: output 1L,1R,2L,2R  better than -100dB below +6dBu

Distortion: output 1L,1R,2L,2R better than 0,1%


Sound level control for the stereo output L,R  and stereo jack for headset

AB key switches from stereo input A to stereo input B

then yellow light A changes to red light B

L-OFF key switches off the output , then key L-OFF shines yellow

R-OFF key switches off the output R, then key L-OFF shines red

SM key switches the stereo output L,R from stereo to mono

then yellow light S changes to red light M

1,2 key switches from stereo output 1L,1R to stereo output 2L,2R

then yellow light 1 changes to red light 2

Stereo jack 6,3mm for headset

Voltage: stereo jack output +6dBu, max. +22dBu < 2KOhm

Frequency response: stereo jack output 10Hz-20KHz (+-0,5dB)

Noise: stereo jack output better than -100dB below +6dBu

Distortion: stereo jack output better than 0,1%