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Rack Station KV1-9
Rack Station KV1-9

Technical Data

KV1-9       4-wire rackunit station

dimensions 1RU, depth 100mm without connectors and micro

weight 1kg

number of buttons 1 illuminated in red

microphone amplifier input –46 to -66dBu at 4 KOhm, signal to noise ratio better

than 100 -120dB with reference to the input

loudspeaker amplifier output 4V at 4 Ohm=4W, signal to noise ratio better than

78db with reference to +6dBu output (by +15V/-15V)

frequency response 100Hz -10KHz -3dB

distortion better than 1%

microphone condenser swanneck 4,5mV/1PA/1KHz

frontcontrol 1 volume control for the loudspeaker

XLR-5F at front HEADSET

connector, switches off the internal

loudspeaker and microphone

XLR-5F at rear MAIN

trafo balanced output +6dBu, Z=60 Ohmfrom microphone,

trafo balanced input +6dBu, Z=5 KOhmto loudspeaker,

XLR-5F at rear IFB

balanced input 6dBu, Z=10KOhmfor IFB-input and

relais output for damping of external monitorloudspeaker

XLR-3M at rear 9VAC

AC-input 9V or DC-input +15V and -15V without bridge

Sub-D-15F at rear CUT

Cut off for loudspeaker by bridge pin 1+8

–20dB-damping for loudspeaker by bridge 1+12