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Wireless Beltpack KL4
Wireless Beltpack KL4

Description Wireless Beltpack KL4


A      L1, LED is flashing green, if toggle switch S2 (G) is ON and

        pushbutton T1    (F) is pushed. The

        basestation is ON if LED L1 is flashing. If you push T1 once

        more, the basestation is OFF.


B      L2, LED is lighting red, if toggle switch S2 (G) is OFF and

        if the power supply is connected at B2 (H).

        L2 shows the loading of the internal accu. The loading time

        takes 16 hours.


C       knob P1 controlls the loudness in the phones of the headset.

         The pulling of the knob switchs the microfone off.


D       B1, connector for headset and optional external PTT button (opener)


E        beltpack clip


F        T1 key is switching the basestation ON and OFF (push-push).

          At the same time must be toggle switch S2 (G) at ON.

          If the basestation is ON, LED L1 (A) is flashing.


G        S2 toggle is switching the beltpack ON.

          At the same time the loading of the internal accu is OFF.

          If toggle switch S2 is OFF you can load the internal accu.

          For loading control the LED L2 (B) illuminates red.


H        B2, powersupply connector for accu loading.


Technical Data Wireless Beltpack KL4


Power supply basestation: power adapter 7,5V 500mA, alternative about wired beltpack KL2


Power supply beltpack: 3,6V 800mAh, NiMH 3xAAA, charging time 16h


Capacity beltpack: 6-16h continuous use without recharging, depending from the phone loudness


DECT standard: 120 digital voice duplex channels: 10 frequency channels with 12 logical channels

max. 120 beltpacks KL4 can work at one place together


Frequency: 1,88 – 1,9 GHz


Transmit power: < 250mW


Range: ~ 50-150 metres depending on the environment


Audio bandwidth: 300 Hz – 4 KHz, full duplex


Dynamic range: > 55dB