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Beltpack KL5 front
Beltpack KL5 front
Beltpack KL5 rear
Beltpack KL5 rear
Beltpack KL5
Beltpack KL5

Description Beltpack KL5


A      lightkey as push-switch or push-push-switch,

        depends of the toggle switch M/NM (look point B)


B      toggle switch M/NM, M = momentary = lightkey is active

        and illuminates as long as it is pushed,

        NM = non momentary = lightkey is working as a

        push-push-switch, repeated pushing activates

        or inactivates the talkway to the centralstation KV8,

        the lightkey illuminates red if the talkway is active


C      toggle switch P (paging), momentary, by activating

        illuminates in the centralstation KV8 a red LED

        as an additional attention-signal


D      volume control for the headphone of the headset,

        minimale volume -40dB for force monitoring

        if the centralstation KV8 is calling


E      red(green)light-indication for camera, if a videomixer

        with open collector outputs is connected

        to the GPI-socket of the centralstation KV8,

        greenlight is possible as additional attention-signal,

        a separate camera-red(green)-light can be connected direct

        to the beltpack KL5 on socket F


F      socket F, stereojack 3,5mm for a direct connection to a

        separate camera-red(green)-light



G      beltclip



H       plug XLR-5M, as connector to the centralstation KV8



K       plug XLR-4M as connector for a headset with an

          electret condenser microphone,

          by using a headset with dynamic microphone the sensitivity

          can be changed inside