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Camera Desktop Station KCT12 front
Camera Desktop Station KCT12 front
Camer Desktop Station KCT12 rear
Camer Desktop Station KCT12 rear

Technical Data

Camera Desktop Station KCT12

Dimensions width 336mm, depth 252mm, heigth 67mm

Number of buttons 23

Electronical parts SMD sub boards on a mother-board

Measurements all audio measurements using 2 key-panel stations

connected through a patch-panel

Microphone amplifier input -46dBu at 4Kohm, signal to noise ratio better

than 100dB with reference to the input

Loudspeaker amplifier output 4V at 4Ohm, signal to noise ratio better than

78db with reference to +6dBu output

Frequency Response 160Hz -10KHz -3dB

Distortion better than 1%

Microphone condenser swanneck 4,5mV/1PA/1KHz

Frontcontrol 2 volume controls for main and aux

Rear connector plate:

XLR 5F at rear headset-connector, switches off the internal

loudspeaker and microphone

Connector A 1x25 pin male sub-D about power supply box KN15 to patchpanel

(cable type 8x0,14 with screen)

Cable-length max. 5km using 2x0,14 square mm

single talkback connections over normal coax cable are possible

Connector B 1x9 pin female sub-D for aux, earth free in- and outputs +6dBu

Connector C 1x15 pin female sub-D for control

Connector F 1x 25 pin male sub-D parallel to G 1x25 pin female sub-D for

+6dBu 4-wire connection to Camera Control Unit 1-6

Power supply with separate power supply box 2 x 15V/1A

type KN15-12, 174 x 80 x 58 mm, weight 1 kg

Temperature +5 degrees- +40 degrees celsius

Weight 5 kg