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External Interface KE7-4
External Interface KE7-4

Technical Data

External interface KE7-4

duplex connection between 28 internal stations to 4 external participiants like:

  • Different brand talkback systems
  • Wireless headsets
  • 4-wire lines telecom
  • Studio IFB with programm sound
  • ISDN using an additional ISDN codec
  • AES-EBU using an additional converter
  • Fiber optic using an additional converter

Dimensions 2RU-19", depth 120mm without connectors

Electronical parts SMD sub boards on a mother-board

8x Front-indicator for external and internal direction

send (green) - receive (red) status,

threshhold for modulation, signal input/output,

external 4-wire connection on connector B1-4 switchable

between +6dBu to 4-wire level -17/+9dBm (Telecom - 600 Ohm)

4x Input control with yellow LED for IFB

4x toggle switch for Ident Signal

Rear connector plate:

Connector A1-4  4x 15 pin male sub-D to patch-panel

(cable type 14x0,14 with screen)

Cable-length max. 5km using 2x0,14 square mm

Single talkback connections over normal coax cable are possible

Connector B1-4  4x 9 pin female sub-D for external 4-wire connection +6dBu

Connector AUX 1x 9 pin female sub-D for 1x ident signal input

Connector IFB 1x 9 pin female sub-D for 4x IFB in (program-sound)

Power supply with separate power supply box 2 x 15V/1A

type KN15-36, 174 x 80 x 58 mm, weight 1 kg

Temperature +5 degrees- +40 degrees celsius

Weight 4 kg