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ESL Loudspeaker KESL1 front
ESL Loudspeaker KESL1 front
ESL Loudspeaker KESL1 rear
ESL Loudspeaker KESL1 rear

Technical Data

ESL Loudspeaker KESL1

The active ESL Loudspeaker KESL1 has a tube amplifier without step up tranformer for the ESL panel and needs the ESL Preamplifier KVV1.

Dimensions: ESL panel 180 x 45 x 5 cm, Ground plane 45 x 45 x 4 cm

Weight: 40 kg 


Sound level control for ESL tube amplifier

1x input 2V RMS max. at XLR-5pin female

1x input 18VDC at the same XLR-5pin female, to switch on the tube amplifier

Power switch: top = on with remote, middle = off, down = on without remote

LED green for power on, LED red for remote on

Powervoltage:  230V AC at chassis-euro-connector

Powerconsumption: 120W max. , fuse 1AT


2V RMS max. at XLR-5pin male for amplifier-measurements

1,5VDC at the same XLR-5pin male for amplifier-measurements

2000V RMS max. at high voltage connector female for ESL panel

Frequency response output: ESL panel 30Hz-20KHz (+-3dB)

Noise: ESL panel better than -100dBA below full output

Distortion: ESL panel better than 0,1%

Peak acoustic output: ESL panel 100dB SPL