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ESL Preamplifier KVV1 front
ESL Preamplifier KVV1 front
ESL Preamplifier KVV1 rear
ESL Preamplifier KVV1 rear

Technical Data

ESL Preamplifier KVV1 for ESL Loudspeaker KESL1

Dimensions: 1RU, depth 100mm without connectors

Weight: 2 kg


1x stereo-input 1L,1R at 2x XLR-cinch for record player (magnetic system)

2x stereo-input 2L,2R,3L,3R at 4x XLR-cinch for CD-player and DVD-player

Powervoltage: XLR-3pin male, 9VAC 0,3A

Powercurrent: 0,3A, 0,315AT microfuse on PCB

Powerconsumption: 3W max.


1x stereo-output L,R at 2x XLR-5pin female

Output voltage audio: L,R 2V RMS, max. 12V RMS

Output voltage DC: L,R 18VDC to switch on the ESL loudspeaker KESL1

Frequency response: output L,R 10Hz-20KHz +-0,5dB

Noise: output L,R  better than -100dB below 2V RMS

Distortion: output L,R better than 0,1%

2x stereo jack 6,3mm for headset

Voltage: output stereo jack 1,2  is 1V RMS, max. 6V RMS

Frequency response: output stereo jack 1,2 is 10Hz-20KHz (+-0,5dB)

Noise: output stereo jack 1,2 better than -100dBA below 1V RMS

Distortion: output stereo jack 1,2 better than 0,1%


3x sound level control for the stereo inputs 1L,1R,2L,2R,3L,3R

1x bass control especially for ESL loudspeaker KESL1

1x sum level control for the output L,R and headset jack 1,2

1x rotary switch 1,2,3 for selection of 3 inputs 1L,1R,2L,2R,3L,3R

1x power on switch with green LED